Breathe Freely: Why Good Air Filters Matter

It has not been that long since the days of $4/gallon-and-higher fuel prices, and our friends that live in the great state of California are still, in tax-hell, dealing with high fuel prices.

Everyone and their mother has always searched for a way to improve the efficiency of their engines, to eke out that last bit of mileage out of a gallon of fuel. The go to for doing this has always been making the engine breathe freer, an exhaust system or a high flow intake. These days however, the OEM’s are on the same page as everyone else trying to eek out that fuel mileage too, and have engineered everything for maximum efficiency, and many argue that high flow intakes are a waste of money and are surefire ways for letting dirt get past the filter and into the engine causing increased wear.

Let’s jump down this rabbit hole with Engineering Explained, on how and why these paper and gauze filters work and what is best.

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